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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Symantec Altiris - Software reports

Since there are so many limitation in the altiris as far as pulling customized reports out of it. I had co-ordinated with them once and got to know that they will neither help you in this case and will refer some of its vendor for this service and there they would charge you very handsome amount.

After a long discussion with them I could completely release that this is something upto me and started exploring more myself. I got to know there is also a way to fetch the reports from its database which is quite simple if you get know basic things about SQL queries. Thus I created one query that helped out in pulling one which was in request those days. This query will pull Operating System, Computer Name and Specific Software Installed in the machines.


select B.Name as TargetComputerName,

                  B.[OS Name],


       from  dbo.Inv_AddRemoveProgram  A Inner Join Evt_Push_Agent_Install_Service B

       ON A._ResourceGuid = B.TargetComputerGuid
       where A.DisplayName='Microsoft Office Standard 2007'


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