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Monday, 8 December 2014

Apostrophe key does not get displayed in windows 8


 A user raised the issue in IT stating that she is having issues in typing apostrophe key. One of my colleague went to check the issue. It was very new Dell latitude 3440 which was issued to the user.When he checked the issue he found out that the key is not even working in notepad and when she typed the other keys then its gets displayed. He asked me to log the complaint in the dell. But when I checked the same key using the utility dell provides over its website to check the keyboard issue then it was working fine. I was little hesitate to log the complain seeing this and was working on other dell laptops and thought of checking the same in those laptops and found same issue.

I checked the keyboard settings and other options but which solved my issue is to open language from control panel and I observed their were two keyboard selected one is US and other is US international. I removed the US International keyboard from their and typed again. It worked like charm.

Regards, IIS