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Monday, 26 January 2015

Install Multiple Software with a Click

Hi All,

This is very tedious and time consuming task to install multiple application for a System Administrator. Thus everybody looking for an application which can make their job easier of installing these software without clicking every time for every software.

Keeping in mind I created this application which will let you select very common software which is required to do basic functions in a computer.

How to use -

1. Since this is based on Powershell thus would request you to please run Set-Execution Policy to RemoteSigned or Unrestricted.

2. Also make sure you can run a simple script file on that computer only after that it would run.

Please download the same from here

Download MultiAppInstaller Link

Regards, IIS

Monday, 8 December 2014

Apostrophe key does not get displayed in windows 8


 A user raised the issue in IT stating that she is having issues in typing apostrophe key. One of my colleague went to check the issue. It was very new Dell latitude 3440 which was issued to the user.When he checked the issue he found out that the key is not even working in notepad and when she typed the other keys then its gets displayed. He asked me to log the complaint in the dell. But when I checked the same key using the utility dell provides over its website to check the keyboard issue then it was working fine. I was little hesitate to log the complain seeing this and was working on other dell laptops and thought of checking the same in those laptops and found same issue.

I checked the keyboard settings and other options but which solved my issue is to open language from control panel and I observed their were two keyboard selected one is US and other is US international. I removed the US International keyboard from their and typed again. It worked like charm.

Regards, IIS

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Gmail filters can save your job

I am working with IT infrastructure support team. We have got several branches in which I have to provide support to the users. I encountered the escalation so many times when user sent any email and I was not able to reply on them because I was not aware He/She was sitting in the same location where I have been deployed. This is usual because my sitting in any branch is very sudden. Always I had this in mind If get to know which user is sitting around me and whenever he or she sends any email I get to know. Thus I found the solution using Gmail feature of filtering the user emails and give them label. Then I collected the all user email IDs and created one filter and give them label as my users. After that whenever I get any email from them I get to know as my users in Gmail and I reply to them with no delays.

To create the filter Lets have two email ids. gaurav@abc.om and manish@abc.com.

1. Go to Gmail search option put their email like this

2. Click on create filter with this search and select the label you create like the one I have create in create in my case as My Users and also check apply filters to matching conversations as given below.

3. Once you will click on create filter, Every email coming from the user will be seen as My Users. and then you can recognize that you have received email for follow up.

Please comment if you are facing challenge in configuring Gmail filters.

Regards, IIS

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Install Windows Drivers Offline

Today, I would like to talk about task every IT support person encounter now and then and also for those who have recently installed the windows and worried of its drivers installation. It is very time consuming to install the driver one by one. However there is other way around using which one can install all drivers at once if he has setup files.

1. Download all driver at one place.

2. Extract each of them in their folder.

3. Go to the device manager by typing devmgmt.msc in Run.

4. Go to Scan hardware changes and click on it.

5.  Go to any driver and click on update driver.

6. Go to browse my computer for driver software.

7. Browse a place where you have saved your extracted drivers.

8. Going forward click on Scan for hardware changes and it will automatically pick all drivers from the path you had extracted your drivers in.

If you have centralized location where you keep all your drivers and it is a UNC Path. Same can be achieved by mapping the shared drive and providing as browse for folder path. Windows will install the same from network path.

Regards, IIS

Friday, 21 November 2014

Mistakes Managers Make

Today, I thought of writing about something I experience every now and then. There have been instances in which we see things wrongly communicated and misconducted. It is because there are many mistakes a manager does while handling his/her job.I am citing some which justifies my point.

Assignment of Work

When a manager assign the work among his team members without any specification or type results less productivity because every team player think that the other member of the team also has the responsibility of working on that and thus would avoid taking things seriously.

Believe on one blindly

As it gets longer for an employee in the organisation a manager start believing on that employee blindly thinking he is here for long because he is doing everything right. However, on the contrary when a person work for long period in the organisation he takes his/her job less seriously as he is aware of it that everybody knows him very well and would think many a times before taking action against him.

Hardly interact with his team

A manager who interact with his team hardly is not aware of the quality of his team members and can not utilize them as per their skills.

Believe on Hearsay

A manager forget one thing that one hides his mistakes by just telling the mistakes of the others and there are many team members those who have enough time on bitching about others and less time to finish his assigned tasks. He does this so that he can divert his attention from him to other team member.

Issues in team

Biggest problem arises when a manager is involved in solving the issues of others and forget that these issues came across because of providing less support to the team itself. For example, He would expect you to solve the issues on the floor but will forget the issues you had shared with him and he never took them seriously.


Feedback are very important as if they are important those can be implemented and if these are not he can still solve the confusion of the one who has given them.

Regards IIS

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Personal Info is being stolen by computer threats

In the recent days where everybody tries to access everything through Internet forget that the way we can not trust every person we meet similarly we can not trust every website, every application, every file we open. There can be numerous ways of taking advantage of the things we do online and offline.There are several things that can help you to stay safe online as well as offline.


There are many antivirus online that claims your computer security however only few do actually. A good antivirus keeps updating its database with latest threat and notify its users through emails or notifications as soon as it finds anything similar to what it has in its database it acts right then. Microsoft has recently started providing security essentials along with package or windows updates which may remove suspicious content however they are not focused on latest threat and their database is not fully updated that of other top antivirus companies.

Email Attachments

Mostly hackers gain access to your computer using infected attachment because of the connectivity limitation therefore we should be more sensitive to the attachment we receive they seem to be simple documents however has  suspicious files attached which is not seen at first go. We need to only open attachment coming from authenticated sources.

Online Banking

These days everybody buys some or other thing online due to lack of time or reasonable price However not every website keep your financial data safe so just don't just go by what is written on their website. Only websites running over https and having certificates from authentic sources should be used for transaction. Key loggers records the keys pressed and mouse movement and share with who has created them over the internet thus one should use virtual keyboard displayed at every bank site because it keeps changing its letters at every log in which does not let a hacker know that which number was entered.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Trend Micro Office Scan service keeps stopping

I come across an issue today where Windows 8 got stuck at restarting and had to shut it down forcefully. I observed that in the service span trend micro service was trying to stop itself however got stuck at stopping.

I did it manually but had no luck. I tried SC command to stop it however it will not get displayed as installed service because Trend micro has started malfunction.

Solutions - 
I had to re install the trend micro to get rid of the issue and post that everything seems to be working as expected.

Regards, Baij