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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Symantec Altiris - Inventory from SQL Database

Altiris is an inventory software from Symantec which provides in depth details of the computers, server, devices in the organization. It has so many templates in built however its feature to fetch the inventory using the console does not convince much and has very complex architecture. Thus it is rather easy to pull inventory from altiris sql database than its console. I succeeded to create several here using sql queries and sharing eventually.

Below sql query will help you to pull the name for Computer, Software, Operating System, Processor in a tabular manner. Please go through the script and change as need be.


Select * from
,[Symantec_CMDB].[dbo].[Inv_AddRemoveProgram].DisplayName as name1
,[Symantec_CMDB].[dbo].Inv_HW_Computer_System.[Identifying Number]
,[Symantec_CMDB].[dbo].vComputer.[OS Name]
,[Symantec_CMDB].[dbo].[Inv_HW_Processor_Name_Windows].[Processor Name]

FROM [Symantec_CMDB].[dbo].Inv_AddRemoveProgram INNER JOIN [Symantec_CMDB].[dbo].vComputer
ON [Symantec_CMDB].[dbo].Inv_AddRemoveProgram._ResourceGuid = [Symantec_CMDB].[dbo].vComputer.Guid INNER JOIN
ON [Symantec_CMDB].[dbo].vComputer.Guid = [Symantec_CMDB].[dbo].Inv_HW_Computer_System._ResourceGuid
INNER JOIN [Symantec_CMDB].[dbo].[Inv_HW_Processor_Name_Windows]
ON [Symantec_CMDB].[dbo].vComputer.Guid = [Symantec_CMDB].[dbo].[Inv_HW_Processor_Name_Windows]._ResourceGuid
FOR name1 in ([Microsoft Office Standard 2007]
,[Java(TM) 6 Update 45]
,[WinZip 17.0]
,[Adobe Reader X (10.1.6)]
,[Symantec pcAnywhere]
Order by Name


Regards, IIS

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