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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Secure your browser from being hacked

These days user interest is everything and this is something Google got to know a while back and started monitoring user search queries and shows the ads to user wherever he visits accordingly. Some of the other also tried to get in such practices and launched their search engine however since they have started something with low cost and needed huge profit thus do the malpractice when you install them.

Today we are discussing about an add on and search engine Mystartsearch.com which gets installed along with other untrustworthy applications and steals our web history and route us to wrong websites at times and crashes our browsers. This tool also creates unnecessary slowness while surfing. I have removed this from so many users of my organization. In order to remove this malicious application from your computer. Follow the steps.


There are many ways of removing it but which best worked out for me is to remove its folder from Program Files.

You wouldn't find one with the same name however unknown software will keep its setup inherent therefore delete the one you think is less important.

It will not let you delete the folder right away but will give you folder is in use error in that case stop its process from task manager.

Regards, Baij

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