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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Personal Info is being stolen by computer threats

In the recent days where everybody tries to access everything through Internet forget that the way we can not trust every person we meet similarly we can not trust every website, every application, every file we open. There can be numerous ways of taking advantage of the things we do online and offline.There are several things that can help you to stay safe online as well as offline.


There are many antivirus online that claims your computer security however only few do actually. A good antivirus keeps updating its database with latest threat and notify its users through emails or notifications as soon as it finds anything similar to what it has in its database it acts right then. Microsoft has recently started providing security essentials along with package or windows updates which may remove suspicious content however they are not focused on latest threat and their database is not fully updated that of other top antivirus companies.

Email Attachments

Mostly hackers gain access to your computer using infected attachment because of the connectivity limitation therefore we should be more sensitive to the attachment we receive they seem to be simple documents however has  suspicious files attached which is not seen at first go. We need to only open attachment coming from authenticated sources.

Online Banking

These days everybody buys some or other thing online due to lack of time or reasonable price However not every website keep your financial data safe so just don't just go by what is written on their website. Only websites running over https and having certificates from authentic sources should be used for transaction. Key loggers records the keys pressed and mouse movement and share with who has created them over the internet thus one should use virtual keyboard displayed at every bank site because it keeps changing its letters at every log in which does not let a hacker know that which number was entered.

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