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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

How to NTbackup & restore files on your computer

Go to start and run “NTBACKUP” command through run option.

From NTBACKUP Wizard Go to Advanced Mode.

Now Select Backup Tab

From Backup Tab, We will be able to see Directory structure & System State on left panel in backup wizard…..

Select “System State” in left panel of above wizard and select you backup destination…
Note: - You should also check right panel of this wizard and make sure that below task must be selected in your backup for restoring your ADC…
  1. Active directory
  2. Boot Files
  3. COM+ Class Registration Database
  4. Registry
Then click on start backup and go to Advanced backup Option and select “Verify data after backup”

Backup will start preparing your data and after that backup will start as shown on below images….

After complete backup process it will start Backup Verifying Automatically as shown in below image.

Now backup process completed as shown in below image….

Backup restoration process for Domain Controller
  1. To restore the system state on a domain controller, first start the computer in Directory Services Restore Mode. To do so, restart the computer and press the F8 key when you see the “Boot” menu
  2. At next screen select “Directory Services Restore Mode
  3. At the logon prompt, supply the Directory Services Restore mode credentials you supplied during the Dcpromo.exe process
  4. Click OK to acknowledge that you are using Safe mode
  5. Go to Run and start “Ntbackup”
  6. Click the Restore tab.
  7. Click the appropriate backup media and the system state to restore.

  1. In the Restore Files to box, click Original Location
  2. Click Start Restore
  3. After the restore process is finished, restart the computer
NOTE: During the restore operation, the “Winnt\SYSVOL” folder must also be selected to be restored to have a working “SYSVOL” after the recovery process. Be sure that the advanced option to restore "junction points and data" is also selected prior to the restore. This ensures that “SYSVOL” junction points are re-created.

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