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Friday, 21 November 2014

Mistakes Managers Make

Today, I thought of writing about something I experience every now and then. There have been instances in which we see things wrongly communicated and misconducted. It is because there are many mistakes a manager does while handling his/her job.I am citing some which justifies my point.

Assignment of Work

When a manager assign the work among his team members without any specification or type results less productivity because every team player think that the other member of the team also has the responsibility of working on that and thus would avoid taking things seriously.

Believe on one blindly

As it gets longer for an employee in the organisation a manager start believing on that employee blindly thinking he is here for long because he is doing everything right. However, on the contrary when a person work for long period in the organisation he takes his/her job less seriously as he is aware of it that everybody knows him very well and would think many a times before taking action against him.

Hardly interact with his team

A manager who interact with his team hardly is not aware of the quality of his team members and can not utilize them as per their skills.

Believe on Hearsay

A manager forget one thing that one hides his mistakes by just telling the mistakes of the others and there are many team members those who have enough time on bitching about others and less time to finish his assigned tasks. He does this so that he can divert his attention from him to other team member.

Issues in team

Biggest problem arises when a manager is involved in solving the issues of others and forget that these issues came across because of providing less support to the team itself. For example, He would expect you to solve the issues on the floor but will forget the issues you had shared with him and he never took them seriously.


Feedback are very important as if they are important those can be implemented and if these are not he can still solve the confusion of the one who has given them.

Regards IIS

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