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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Install Windows Drivers Offline

Today, I would like to talk about task every IT support person encounter now and then and also for those who have recently installed the windows and worried of its drivers installation. It is very time consuming to install the driver one by one. However there is other way around using which one can install all drivers at once if he has setup files.

1. Download all driver at one place.

2. Extract each of them in their folder.

3. Go to the device manager by typing devmgmt.msc in Run.

4. Go to Scan hardware changes and click on it.

5.  Go to any driver and click on update driver.

6. Go to browse my computer for driver software.

7. Browse a place where you have saved your extracted drivers.

8. Going forward click on Scan for hardware changes and it will automatically pick all drivers from the path you had extracted your drivers in.

If you have centralized location where you keep all your drivers and it is a UNC Path. Same can be achieved by mapping the shared drive and providing as browse for folder path. Windows will install the same from network path.

Regards, IIS

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