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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Deploy windows using Microsoft ImageX from Pre-boot Environment.

Deploy windows using Microsoft ImageX from Pre-boot Environment.

From preboot environment command prompt run the below commands.

first partition the drive using diskpart command.

Commands -

Select Disk 0
create partition primary size=100
select partition 1
format fs=ntfs quick label="System Reserved"
create partition primary
select partition 2
format fs=ntfs quick label="Local Disk"
assign letter=C

Once we are done with above partitioning. Run below group of commands to install network installation

Map the drive with shared path available with your windows image using below command.

1. Net Use I: \\\image "password" /user:\admin

2. I:

3. Imagex64 /apply I:\Imagename.wim 1 C:

4. C:\windows\system32\bcdboot C:\windows

5. exit

Now we are good to go with the new windows once restart with all softwares already installed.

Comment if are not able to perform the commands. Will help you out anytime.

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