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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Fast Install Altiris Agent.

I was quite fascinated with the job of installing Altiris Agent on every system manually thus I created one batch file using below commands and made my job easier. Also it takes less time installing because we are doing it through command line.

1. Copy the setup using command on local workstation.

Xcopy \\\Altiris\AeXNSC.exe C:

2.Run the command to setup notification server name during setup.

C:\AeXNSC.exe -s -a ns="ServerName"

It is recommended that you create its batch file so that you can run it using psexec tools remotely on many system at once.

Also there is another command that can be used to uninstall Altiris agent faster then manual.Also this would removed it from registry as well.

"C:\Program Files\Altiris\altiris agent\AexAgentUtil.exe" /Clean

Please comment if you are facing challenges in creating its batch file or using it the way I suggested.

Regards, IIS

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