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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Windows ImageX - Capture Windows Copy

Microsoft had released Imagex which is a nice tool by the way and can be used to automate IT task when it comes to installing windows. However in order to install windows we need to have one windows image that would consist of basic software's and other settings that is necessary. once we are done with those preparation we need to use Imagex. Please go through below steps to achieve my point.

1. Boot the machine over the network and wait till it gets the command prompt.

2. Map the shared location where imagex  and your windows image exist so that you can access the utility over the network itself.

3. Get your command prompt to the map drive and run below command.

imagex /capture D: I:\image.wim "Description" /Verify

like above I have mapped I: drive as shared drive where windows image has to be saved.

Regards, IIS

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