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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Manage Engine Service Desk Issues

Every organization needs to know about their IT team performance and reports of the issues that mostly affects the users therefore they need a software that can create a database of the issues which can be fetched at the time of IT review.

Considering the requirement we have lately introduced Manage Engine Service Desk and came across several options which led us to so many limitation. Here are some of the challenges that we faced during its testing.

1. No auto merge options available in the tool.

2. Default search options are worst while looking for the same kind of tickets using subjects or content or users which leads to unnecessary tickets unassigned.

3. Operating Hours in the settings can only be set to Organization and not for technician. Hence business rules can not be applied on the basis of Working hours.

4. Missing a link through which user can open the ticket. But has a very poor way by only replying to the email. If user has to say thanks to the technician then also it gets open.

5. It does not have keyboard shortcut to merge tickets. One will have to scroll down/up till the end to click the merge button which is quite frustrating.

6. We found out that emails coming from external sources also raises the tickets which is actually needed no attention.

These are very serious concerns for an organization working 24x7. Therefore would be not recommending to anyone looking for solution using this tool.

Regards, Baij


  1. Most tools don't offer #3 at all.
    Most tools open tickets when a user replies to an email, even if just to say "Thanks". The system doesn't know the content of the message; it only knows that the client is contacting you. I have never seen a tool that didn't do this, so #4 makes no sense.
    I haven't seen keyboard shortcuts to merge tickets in any tool, so #5 doesn't matter.
    As for #6, once again, all ticketing systems do this. Even the major players, like BMC Remedy. The system cannot know what the content of the message is.

  2. @ Anonymous:
    #3: It absolutely makes sense. What if you ran a Superuser concept with single users supporting sites in different time zones? Would you like to create an organization for this? It's a myth that most tools don't offer this. Just have to look for the right tools.
    #4: If I understand the complaint correct Baji seems to be missing links that will route users to their requests. That's indeed a no-brainer. I would not buy a software which could not do this.
    #5: Well, shortcuts are always time-savers but realistically, I haven't seen those for ticket-merging either. How much time would you save if you had this? How much tickets do you have to merge per day? Would be intereste to know ...
    #6: Again, a pure myth that "all systems do it". There are systems out there that can detect whether it can be assigned to something existing, create something new or provoke a semi-automated step in order to force a human about whether or not creating a ticket...